Mobile applications

Mobile application development

We develop:

  • business applications,
  • everyday applications,
  • Internet of Things
  • Intranets,
  • presentations,
  • mobile applications managed by web service,
  • Augmented Reality mobile applications,
  • mobile applications that use Geolocation, QR Codes, NFC, Push Notifications,
  • other...

We can prepare any application, from simple everyday tool to complex Intranet.

Business applications

Nowadays business is more often supported with mobile applications. Company presentations, surveys, analyses, CMS, CRM and much more. Application can work as a front end for on-line system, stand-alone application or an aggregation tool like a survey. Mobile application gives many possibilities to support and improve business, increase efficiency and streamline the work with a client.

Everyday applications

It is said that in few years there will be more mobile devices on the market than computers. We'll see... For now, it is undeniable that mobile devices make our life easier and that is why we like them so much. There are tons of applications that help us in our everyday life, for instance simple shopping lists, notes, organizers or calorie calculators...however, there are still many to develop.

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is not the future from movies, it is the present. Household appliances, intelligent houses, everyday devices. All these things collect data, connect to the net and communicate. Mobile and web applications, in most cases, are an indispensable part of this ecosystem. They make life easier, help, ensure security, provide comfort, help sick and disabled people.


From simple Intranet to complex CRM, on-line systems support managing companies. Mobile applications can become a great extension to them as another way to communicate with clients or co-workers.


Company or product presentation is always a better way to show a client how they can benefit from cooperation with your company. Presentations can be very simple, just showing the most important information, photos or videos. On the other hand, they can be very complex and consist of full specification of the company products, gallery, benchmarks, technical data, plans and schemas. All of these can work as a stand-alone application or communicate with server via Web Services. Our company provides services for each part of a system: mobile application and on-line system.

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