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Modern technology distances people who, instead of meeting and talking, learn about each other from social media. In the long run, this makes people more and more lonely despite having many friends.

Nowadays, people increasingly talk online, while the "old-fashioned" meeting over coffee is a thing of the past. The MeetDiamond app allows users to move from "get acquainted" online to a live meeting. The idea behind this app is to be able to meet strangers nearby. For example, while waiting for a plane we can report in the application that we will be happy to talk to someone on selected topics. Thanks to this we can meet with such a person, with whom we will be able to talk freely, without worrying about embarrassing silence.

We started working on the project already at the stage of creating the functional specification of the whole system, i.e. the mobile application, the administrator panel, the company panel and the shopping module.

The next step was to create a graphic design of the application. The color scheme is maintained in blue tones, the color of friendship, ant the warm yellow contrasts with them.
The application is divided into two zones: social and business. The first one is responsible for private communication, i.e. the possibility of arranging appointments with people outside of work. The second one is for business, i.e. the search module for companies in a given industry. Business owners also have the ability to buy advertisements in the application through a dedicated web panel.

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Find people nearby

The MeetDiamond app allows you to find people nearby who are eager to talk, whether at the airport waiting for a plane or at a café during lunch.

Business zone

The application gives the opportunity to search for a company with which we want to cooperate, whether in the field of services or production. The evaluation system allows you to find out whether the company is a suitable partner for us.

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