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Internet of Things
The Internet of Things is not the future from movies, it is the present. Household appliances, intelligent houses, everyday devices. All these things collect data, connect to the net and communicate. Mobile and web applications, in most cases, are an indispensable part of this ecosystem. They make life easier, help, ensure security, provide comfort, help sick and disabled people. Our latest developed projects belong to the category – the Internet of Things. In this case, specialized devices communicate with a web server and mobile application in order to pass data to the user. It is worth mentioning what exactly means the Internet of Things (IoT). The concept of IoT assume the communication between devices and the net or among devices themselves via various media. Different devices may collect, send and receive data. Great examples are intelligent houses, household devices such as a refrigerator that sends information about the missing products or recently a hot topic – smartwatches. The Internet of Things has huge possibilities in many fields. I think, that these few examples below show what a high potential these devices have. Sensors – all kinds of sensors, i.e. heat, pulse, door opening, tightness, electrical current flow etc. These types of devices allow to monitor any parameters and send data on an ongoing basis. A server lost power, someone opened the door, a child or a sick person has falling pulse rate, a cold store looses temperature. On-going monitoring means quick reaction. Domestic appliances – a fridge that informs a user about its content. From the application level a user checks the status of the fridge, adds missing products to the shopping list and after work does shopping or chooses home delivery service. It’s all possible through the mobile application communicating with the device via the net. Intelligent houses – sensors and devices monitoring conditions in the house, remote control of devices, statistics of the heat distribution, electricity consumption etc. We have been working on some project from the Internet of Things for some time. Without going into details, we work with various sensors that are monitoring certain parameters and on an ongoing basis report to the mobile application and web server. These projects are very interesting and it’s highly possible that we’ll be developing our own products in this field soon.  
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