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We create:

  • websites,
  • e-commerce,
  • business card websites,
  • web portals,
  • Intranets,
  • presentations,
  • blogs, forums,
  • and others.


Whether it’s a website dedicated to a company offer, information on public benefit organization or a sport club, for sure it will be a great client communication tool. Taking into consideration the current Internet access ease, creating a website is usually the first point of the company’s marketing strategy. Comparing to other media, it’s a relatively cheap method to reach to a client, recipient, user. Incompetently used website or its lack may contribute to the reduction of the company offer’s popularity. That’s why it is crucial to pay attention to create a website that will be appropriately representing a company, offering exhausting information but at the same time will be easy to use.

Business card websites

It is said that if there is no information on a given thing it means that this thing doesn’t exist. Of course it’s not true, however, many people treat the Internet as the first source of information. That’s why even the smallest company should have a business card website, even if it included only contact details.

Web portals

Web portals gather a large number of users around a specific subject. Additionally, these portals include a few functionalities for communication such as chat, forum, shoutbox.


From a simple Intranet to a complex CRM. On-line systems support company management. Internet system became a great tool to communicate with clients and coworkers.


Product or company presentation is a great tool to show to a client what profit they can make from cooperation with your company. Presentations may be simple, show the most essential information, photos, movies. On the other hand, they may be very extended and include full products specifications, gallery, test, technical data, plans, diagrams, etc.

Blogs, forums

If you want to set up a blog or forum but you don’t know how to get down to it, we can help you. Our company will advise you on domain, server, prepare a graphic design template, program or set up a blog by using a ready to use systems such as CMS Wordspress, forum PHP BB, SimpleMachines, etc. We also offer a training course in service administration and moderation.