Android has 88%, and iOS 12% market share of the smartphone market. Only those two systems still matter.

Mobile apps
Aplikacje mobilne

What’s new in Mobile Madness

We have plenty of new stuff this year in Mobile Madness. The first quarter is over, other interesting projects, a new website, new functions in MConference. We’re going deep into the Internet of Things, developing MConference and planning new products.

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is not the future from movies, it is the present. Household appliances, intelligent houses, everyday devices. All these things collect data, connect to the net and communicate. Mobile and web applications, in most cases, are an indispensable part of this ecosystem. They make life easier, help, ensure security, provide comfort, help … Continued

MConference mobile application launched

Last week we launched our first service based on SaaS model – MConference. MConference is a service consisting of a web and mobile application (for Android and iOS based devices). The application is designed to inform the conference participants about the conference agenda, place of the event, speakers, partners, news, notifications and hotels in the … Continued

What’s up?

There is a lot going on here! Our team grew, new projects finished, another projects under constructions.

Bikes for free

Gazeta Wyborcza and Gazeta Wrocławska have published the articles on the Student Bike program, of which we are the Technological Partner.

Bezpieczne Lubuskie in August

Radio Gorzów has just informed about a development by our team of a new version of the mobile application Bezpieczne Lubuskie.

Talking Ted is enjoying record popularity! Over 5 million downloads.

Talking Ted, the application we developed last year, reaches record downloads. Until now, the application has been downloaded 5 000 000 – 10 000 000 times in free version and 10 000-50 000 in paid version. And what makes us even happier is that the average rate of the app is 4,0 for free version and 4,1 for … Continued