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Serwis przygotowany z okazji setnej rocznicy odzyskania niepodległości przez Polskę.

Swiss Konkursy
Swiss Konkursy

Strona poświęcona konkursom organizowanym w ramach promocji Programu “Góry Świętokrzyskie naszą przyszłością”

MConference event application

MConference is a mobile application for smartphones to communicate with the conference participants.

Infokioski - oprogramowanie
Interactive kiosk

Software for 4 interactive kiosks containing information about energy production, storage and consumption in intelligent houses.

Rower Marzeń Mobile Application
Rower Marzeń Green Velo

Mobile application and web service of the Rower Marzeń Green Velo Contest

Prosumer Assistant

“Pogoda dla prosumenta” is an educational project including issues concerning exploitation of renewable energy sources. The idea is to outline key information crucial for decision which is investing in prosumer micro installations.

Student Bikes

Student Bikes mobile application is a tool used for a verification of the number of travelled kilometres.


With Stakimi, you can poll your colleagues, friends and interest groups – quickly, privately and in a well-organized fashion.

Złoty Album Fotograficzny

Złoty.AlbumFotograficzny.pl. gives the users the possibility to create their own cards with words of wisdom, funny sentences etc.

The Model of Intelligent Energy Networks

The Model of Intelligent Energy Networks, one of the key elements of the House with energy web service, allows to familiarize the users with the subject of intelligent energy networks and prosumers issues.

Photovoltaic calculator

Photovoltaic calculator is one of the key elements of the House with energy web service. It allows to calculate the benefits resulting from using the photovoltaic panels in the house.


Dotacjusz is one of the elements of Ekokreatywni web service. It allows to browse the grants according to a given criteria.

Energy Efficiency Calculator

Energy Efficiency Calculator is one of the elements of Ekokreatywni web service. It allows to compare the energy consumption and calculate the energy efficiency for the one household, which results in paying the lower bills.


The innovative web page AlbumFotograficzny.pl. where the users can design their own photo album by the use of the Internet browser. The album will be printed and sent to a client.

The Lofts at Prince

The scope of our work included a theme design and the implementation of the content management system Wordpress. Additionally, we were to prepare a complex contact form.

Lody Bonano web page

For Multi Ice, Ice Bonano franchise owner and manufacturer of machines and ingredients for ice cream, we developed LodyBonano.pl website.

Energooszczędni ekosceptyk – 3D Model

3D model of the energy-efficient house in the form of animation along with the possibility of calculating the approximate amount of energy needed to use the house (Central Heating and Domestic Hot Water)

Invitation to the press conference organized by PayPal

The project of a web service and mobile application for Android. The aim of the project was to organize an interesting form of invitation to the press conference organized by PayPal

Fabryka Słów web page

For our client we have designed and developed a web page. The system has a quite extended database that consists of all Fabryka Słów’s books, their editions, covers, illustrations etc.