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Serwis przygotowany z okazji setnej rocznicy odzyskania niepodległości przez Polskę.

EZ IP Mobile application

Mobile application supporting the Sales Department.

MConference event application

MConference is a mobile application for smartphones to communicate with the conference participants.

e-border mobile app
e-Border mobile application

The informative application for tourists, transport companies, sales representatives or couriers travelling and working on the Lubuskie Province – Brandenburg border.

Rower Marzeń Mobile Application
Rower Marzeń Green Velo

Mobile application and web service of the Rower Marzeń Green Velo Contest

Open Warsaw

Open Warsaw project supports events, promotions and deals in Warsaw.

Student Bikes

Student Bikes mobile application is a tool used for a verification of the number of travelled kilometres.


With Stakimi, you can poll your colleagues, friends and interest groups – quickly, privately and in a well-organized fashion.

Bezpieczne Lubuskie

Mobile application. It’s main purpose is to inform citizens about different threats in the region.

Lody Bonano

A game for all ice cream lovers. It allows a player to enter a magical world of the ice cream production process. The player will also learn about all the stages of the ice cream production.


Interactive Jewish knowledge quiz game in which kids as well as adults travel through 1000 questions on 7 different topics.

Humidity Calculator LAB-EL

Mobile application was designed for basic calculation of humidity measurements. This kind of calculations are often required in meteorology, when designing air conditioning systems, during manufacturing processes as well as in laboratories.

Kick-Ass 2 Photobomb

Thanks to the Kick-Ass 2 Photobomb application users may create so called Photobomb using any photos. Application offers props of the film main characters.

VOIGT game

Considering the company profile of VOIGT, the game can be used for promotional purposes during all kinds of events such as trade fairs or conferences.

Brain Candy

Brain Candy, an iOS application includes over 100 facts about your favorite games that can by shared via FB, Twitter, E-Mail, and SMS

Evatronix ComPair

Considering the company profile of Evatronix, Memory is a great idea for a gadget in the form of a game that can be promoted during all kinds of events such as trade fairs or conferences.

Talking Ted

Talking Ted, an Android/iOS application includes CG-animated Ted, a teddy bear, who can be controlled by user. Ted’s actions can be recorded as a video and shared via Email, Youtube, Facebook or Twitter.

Birthday Wall

Birthday Wall, an iOS application is a very simple tool for users to remember about their friends birthdays.

Words Kids

Words Kids is a game that combines fun with practicing perceptiveness, memory and learning foreign languages. Your job is to find given words on the board filled with letters.

Madness Words

Words is a game that combines fun with practicing perceptiveness. Your job is to find given words on the board filled with letters. Words are written horizontally, vertically or diagonally depending on the difficulty level.

Coca Cola Zero – Challenge

Brain Challenge type application, developed to promote Coca Cola Zero brand – “Impossible made possible”.

Madness Hanoi

The best Hanoi game on your smartphone! Be the Master of Hanoi!