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„e-Border” mobile application

“e-Border” is an informative application for tourists, transport companies, sales representatives or couriers travelling and working on the Lubuskie Province – Brandenburg border.

e-Border enables the user in a simple and easy way on an ongoing basis get information concerning the safety of people. Every user of the application receives up-to-date meteorological and hydrological warnings. With this application a user may also check the current obstructions on the roads in this region. A user may also determine his position in order to locate hazards in the area. The application also provides information about cultural events or tourist attractions. On interactive maps a user may check the latest flood risk warnings, storm situation and location of institutions that help people in case of life or property threatening situations. In the section “Worth knowing” a user has a chance to familiarize himself with a wide range of guidebooks, information about important institutions of the region, different types of alerts and how to give first aid.

The application “e-Border” is available for smartphones and tablets for free. Every citizen crossing the Polish-German border could use e-Border, which would benefit both sides of the project.


The application will contribute to:

  • Enhancement of the attractiveness of the area located near blocked roads by e.g. the accident;
  • Reduction of the local border traffic;
  • Reduction of the number of accidents;
  • Shortening of the travel time of the public transport vehicles and company vehicles;
  • Improvement of the fluidity of transport;
  • Safety enhancement in the road traffic;
  • Improvement of the travelling comfort.

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