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“Pogoda dla prosumenta” is an educational project including issues concerning exploitation of renewable energy sources. The idea is to outline key information relevant for decision which is investing in prosumer micro installations.
„Asystent Prosumenta” is a part of web service, a tool which allows to acquire the knowledge necessary to establish the actual demand for energy of the house.

The application consists of an e-learning platform, 3D model of a sample house and calculator. The calculator will enable a user to determine which devices will be necessary to lower the costs of energy in the house.

The project was developed by the use of Symfony 2 framework, PHP and HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery library and AJAX design patterns.

Tags: #CMS, #CSS3, #HTML5, #JavaScript, #jQuery, #PHP, #Prosument, #Stowarzyszenie Wolna Przedsiębiorczość, #Symfony, #Web