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A little about who we are.

Who We Are

Mobile Madness is a team of people with passion for creating interesting, functional, user-friendly, and above all professional things.

Mobile Madness was founded in 2009 in Poland. Our team has several years’ experience in the field of designing and developing mobile applications, services and internet systems. We cooperate with companies from Poland, USA, UK, Denmark, Greece, Norway, Russia, China and South Korea. We developed projects for industries such as: mobile networks, food, film, government, ecology, alcohol, pharmaceutical, equipment manufacturer, automotive, electronics, real estate, tobacco, entertainment, public transport, cosmetic, IoT. We create software for our clients as well as place on the market our own solutions.

We provide comprehensive services within the scope of mobile and internet solutions, media, which are currently the most significant in communication with clients. We cooperate in the range of designing solutions, relations, implementation and advertising.

We combine our passion and experience to deliver our clients solutions meeting their needs.

We work with a client at every stage of the production of software solutions:

  • Needs analysis, designing
  • Developing
  • Testing
  • Implementation, publication, support

We specialize in developing solutions for business (B2B, B2C).